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Use our platform to create and share game sessions, find board game partners, or join an upcoming event.

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Choose your location and navigate through the various game events or open a new session and invite friends and members to join.
You can also filter the events by game title, category, number, level and age of players.
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Every 3 month we all gather to celebrate our passion and friends.

These out of the box nights are for members only events and are being held in a different spot every time to keep things interesting.

Food, drinks, games and friends will be in your way to victory!


Michal Rozen

" Since we started 6 month ago, we can’t stop playing. Its pure fun. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro, You can always end up the winner. "

The Smiths

" We absolutely loved it! Had an amazing time!"

Roy Shaked

"Getting to know the people is the best part. It’s a very big community and new people join every day. "


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